Elder Residence Ramon Berenguer Barcelona mayores ancianos

Elder Residence Ramón Berenguer, Barcelona

I am very proud to announce that this project has been honoured with the 3er place of the International Photography Awards 2018, in the amateur category of Deeper Perspective.

The photographs of this series were taken as a part of my project for the photography seminar ‘Storytelling’ teached by Patrick Zachmann in Barcelona from 5th to 7th June 2017. As I am a very curious person, I have been always interested in the human nature and particularly in what the elder people might tell, since I believe that they speak from the source of experience. Therefore, I chose the Elder Residence Ramon Berenguer in the outskirts of Barcelona as theme for my photographic project. The idea of these images came up as I arrived to the site and found an exhibition of the photographs of the residents when they were young. I performed two unbelievable, amazing and absolutely touching photographic sessions and ended up with about thirty portraits. Naturally, some of the portrayed elder have passed away and everytime I go I am afraid to ask who is still there.