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If you feel interested, you can follow my street photography works in Instagram. I do have two different accounts with quite distinctive content: walking_anna and You can choose your favorite!

You can also see my travel photography and my sources for inspiration and education in my facebook account: AnaRivas photography



IPA 2017: Honorific mention to ‘Churches of Lalibela at Dawn’, in the category Traditions and Culture

IPA 2018: Winner 3rd Place with ‘The Time Has Passed By’, in the category ‘Deeper Perspective’

IPA 2018: Honorific mention to ‘The Bull Jumping’, in the category Traditions and Culture

"Photography should not only improve the photographer, but also improve the world"
David Hurn, photographer

I am a self-taught photographer, still in the process of learning from the best photographers. I discovered my interest on Photography and travel when I moved to Germany from Spain due to work, 10 years ago. Then I started visiting countries with my Canon camera: Senegal, Egypt, Thailand, Cambodia, Kenya, Tanzania, Bali, Argentina, India, Japan, Ethiopia, Mexico, …

Being educated as a scientist, and following the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, I believe that the purely objective reflection of reality is unreachable. As a photographer, when taking my photographs, I decide who, where, what frame and the precise moment I press the shutter of my camera. The result is my own reality, the reflection of my self into my images.

At the same time, it is undeniable that Photography might help to make visible unaceptable situations, such as the violation of the Human Rights. The purpose of my photography is to transmit my passion and extreme curiosity about other realities, to highlight what deserves to be highlighted and perhaps to raise awareness.

Lately I became very keen on Street Photography, probably because during the development of my photographic vision I have realized that beauty is all around and deserves to be shared.

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